DevOps is one of the most challenging fields today. Simply because it not only involves tools, but requires a deep understanding of the right principles, processes and practices that the DevOps philosophy is bringing to the IT world.

Tools you can learn? Easily. But, if you do not learn the principles, processes and practices by heart and fundamentally understand how to apply them, you end up being a glorified sysadmin instead of a true DevOps practitioner.

We provide DevOps as a service in agile environments.

Scaling worldwide

Running from multiple locations in paralel is not a problem for us. We keep in mind that our customers are growing.

Monitoring 24x7

We are able to monitor your site from various destinations, including alerting. We provide Core Web Vitals monitors, uptime and SLA.

Automated platforms as a service

Build and scale environments for your developers any time you need through automation toolset.

Work with us

There is always a place for skilled technician in our team!

If you feel, you might be a helpful contribution to our projects, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Technology list we work with: 

  • Ubuntu, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Ansible, Puppet, Terraform
  • Proxmox, VMWare Cloud Director
  • Google Cloud Platform, Azure, AWS
  • MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL DB
  • RabbitMQ, Grafana, Prometheus

Contact us

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